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JTWhatsApp is a mod developed by Jimtech. It is one of the mods in the game. It has some extra functionality incorporated with a strict anti-ban system and many more features that make it stand out.

Version: v9.94 | Size: 70MB

What is JTWhatsApp APK?

JTWhatsApp Apk is a mod developed by Jimtech. It is one of the mods in the game. It has some extra functionality incorporated with a strict anti-ban system and many more amazing features that make it stand out.

As a simple tool redesigned from Whatsapp Plus, TM Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, AG Whatsapp, OG Whatsapp, etc. With a smooth interface, it offers an easy way to fix WhatsApp’s flaws.

Additionally, you will find a lot of cool themes, a video-sharing option of up to 2GB, a full-fledged customization option, different online privacy feature options, and more.

JTWhatsApp APK
JT Whatsapp APK Download

With JT WhatsApp, you can customize WhatsApp with many features, as well as keep your privacy protected.

Moreover, enhanced functionality and dual accounts make it more flexible for users.

Let’s start learning about this app in detail starting with specifications.

How JTWhatsapp Apk Works?

WhatsApp is famous worldwide because it makes chatting easier for its users. The app lets you chat with friends, send photos, and share videos.

Alternatively, you can create groups and chat with all your friends simultaneously.

However, it lacks many customizability, privacy, and security features despite providing all these additional features.

As mentioned above, several mod versions of the WhatsApp application can be downloaded online to overcome these limitations. Each of them has its unique characteristics.

In addition to its many improved and enhanced features, this instant messaging app is very popular among mobile phone users.

The updated version of JT WhatsApp includes all the features of the original WhatsApp as well as the latest updates. So before diving down into details.

Let’s look at its specifications.

Download JTWhatsApp Pro APK in 2024

JTWhatsapp APK
Application nameJT WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size58 MB
Updated8 hour ago

Similarly, one of those modes is JT WhatsApp apk. It is also one of the best mod WhatsApp versions update available.

Not convincing enough? Keep reading till the end and learn about the app in detail.

How to Download & Install JTWhatsApp on Android?

You can download JTWhatsApp apk from our website using the download button. You can therefore use it as a second WhatsApp account.

To make it the primary WhatsApp, you must take a backup from the original WhatsApp first. After that, uninstall it.

Step 1: Download the latest application official version of the JT WhatsApp apk directly through our website.

Step 2: You should allow unknown sources through your settings if you are new to this procedure. Activate “unknown sources in settings > security by tapping on “enable unknown sources“.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded file on your device file manager.

Step 4: You can now install JT WhatsApp with your country code by opening the file and clicking the install button.

Step 5: It will send you an OTP to the number on your Android device. You can enjoy the latest extra features now that you have entered the OTP.

Done! You can now enjoy JTWhatsApp apk on your smartphone.

How to Download JT WhatsApp for PC?

First, you must understand that JTWhatsApp for PC is unavailable on the Google Play Store.

If you want it, you can click on the download button on the dedicated given page to download the latest WhatsApp version of JT WhatsApp for PC.

You will need to download an Android emulator to run JT WhatsApp for PC on your Windows operating system.

Step 1: To begin, you will need an Android emulator, and we recommend you go with the Blue Stack emulator.

Step 2: Once you downloaded the Bluestack emulator from Google, it will appear on the screen. Install it.

Step 3: After successfully installing the emulator, open it.

Step 4: Now download JT WhatsApp for PC

Step 5: On the emulator, drag the application and drop it, Once you’re done, wait for a few seconds

Done! You can now enjoy on your PC.

You can also download other emulators like NOX Player, Dolphin emulator, etc. However, one of these emulators is compulsory to install JT WhatsApp for PC.

You can now utilize all of JT WhatsApp’s unique features on your PC once you have successfully installed the latest version of JT WhatsApp for your PC.

Exclusive Features of JT Whatsapp

Inbuilt anti-ban feature: With JT WhatsApp, your account will not be banned if you enable the anti-ban feature. JT WhatsApp’s security feature allows us to register our WhatsApp account as a limitation in order to protect it. Using JTWhatsApp apk, however, will not result in your account being banned. For JT WhatsApp users, we recommend using the second number.

Changing User Interface: We all know that changing the background of the chat is all you can edit in WhatsApp’s basic application version. Luckily, JT WhatsApp apk offers a number of beautiful themes – it currently has dozens – that make chatting much more personal. The developer team behind the app is constantly adding new extra features to the amazing library of themes.

JTWhatsapp Screenshot
JTWhatsapp Screenshot
JTWhatsapp Screenshot

Emoji: The use of emojis allows you to express yourself without using words. Sometimes, we cannot express our feelings with words, so we use emojis instead. The JT WhatsApp mod app gives you a wider selection of emojis and emoticons than WhatsApp, even though WhatsApp has a large number. With this apk, you can utilize the same set of emojis as Google Hangouts, which is already a rich library, to further enhance the already rich experience.

View deleted messages: This app includes this great additional feature. You can read deleted messages by enabling this feature. If the sender enables this feature, the message cannot be deleted. There is no need to think of deleted messages in fanciful ways now.

Freeze last seen: With this feature, users can freeze the last time they were seen. Hence, your last time on WhatsApp mod will not be visible to the sender, who will assume it has been a very long time since you used WhatsApp mod.

Customization: JT WhatsApp app allows you to choose different sizes for each element, such as fonts, icons, positions, and more, in order to make the app look perfect. You will be able to track your friends with the help of this great feature. If you want to customize the color of the fonts in your chats, JT WhatsApp mod APK allows you to do so. You can set any color from default for the fonts in your chats.

Turn off the active status view: This feature enables you to check any contact’s active status without receiving any notifications. With this unique feature, you can keep track of your friends.

Multimedia sharing: When sending files through WhatsApp’s original system, many users have reported quality issues. These files can be difficult to transmit when they are not compressed. The file size requirement in this modified version of WhatsApp has been increased, allowing heavy files and long videos to be shared without being compressed or divided into smaller segments. The media are also guaranteed to be of high quality – no compression is required before they are sent.

Message forwarding: The privacy settings also remove Forward messages from JT WhatsApp app. It may have occurred to you that when someone sends you a WhatsApp message, it is automatically tagged as ‘Forwarded’. But it is possible to remove the forward tag from posts by activating this feature in JT WhatsApp mod apk.

Do not disturb feature: You would be doing an online meeting if you were busy talking to a friend, or girlfriend, or doing a conversation. By enabling the don’t disturb feature of JT whatsapp apk, no one will disturb you during that time. Moreover, when you are using the ‘Do not disturb’ feature you can freeze other messages and calls at specific times.

No requirement for ROOT: It is common for people to root their mobile devices in order to access applications and games like JT Whatsapp apk. With this, you don’t need to root your device because all features are unlocked and you can get access to JTWhatsApp Mod apk without rooting your device.

JTWhatsApp Themes

#JT WhatsApp iPhone theme: JT WhatsApp for iPhone comes with customization options, including changing the upper bar position and changing the user interface. One of those options is the iPhone Theme, which lets you customize WhatsApp to look like WhatsApp for iPhone.

#JTWhatsApp themes: A theme store is available in Jimods where you can customize JT WhatsApp themes. You just need to download and apply the theme you like.

#Create a custom chat bubble: A chat bubble’s color and the blue ticks’ style can be customized, as well as the chat background’s color.

#Customize JiMODs style: The application icon can be customized, as well as the notification icon, emoji style, and font style.

Why Do You Have to Install JTW WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are two of the most popular WhatsApp mods that many people love to use. Similarly, JTWhatsApp is also one of the best mods for WhatsApp which comes with a lot of impressive features.

In fact, there are many people who want to download JT WhatsApp simply because of the features that it has to offer.

If you are using official WhatsApp, you cannot save your status or view deleted messages if someone deletes a message to you.

However, if you have the latest version of JT WhatsApp installed on your phone, you will be able to do both.

How to Update the Latest Version of JTWhatsApp?

Due to the fact that it is a variant of WhatsApp, you are not able to download its latest update from the Google Play store as it is a modified version. But yes you can directly download the latest version from our website.

Step 1: Download the latest JT WhatsApp through our download page.

Step 2: After you download the apk file, you need to open the file from the file manager on your phone and install it.

Step 3: Well done! The latest version of your JTWA mod app has been installed. Open and get started.

FAQs About JTWhatsApp App:

Is JTWhatsApp Apk free?

Yes. If you install JTWhatsApp apk on your Android phone, it is free to use and can be easily downloaded without spending a penny.

Does JT WhatsApp work with official WhatsApp accounts?

Yes, the app can be easily integrated into your official WhatsApp account. But remember, due to this, your account may be banned due to this violation of Wofficial WhatsApp terms and conditions.

How does it compare to WhatsApp Plus?

There are many users who consider it to be a more innovative version of Whatsapp Plus, with a great deal of customization options. In other words, JT WhatsApp is better than other WhatsApp Mod version.

What is the compatibility of JT WhatsApp’s with multiple devices?

The app can only be used on one device at a time. Once you attempt to use your Whatsapp on multiple devices, then it’s clear that your account will be permanently banned.

Is JT WhatsApp compatible with iOS?

The app is only available for Android devices and is not available for iOS devices.

Is JT WhatsApp suitable for group chats?

You can create chat groups easily with your friends and family members using Official Whatsapp.

What is the backup policy for JT WhatsApp?

Yes, you can back up your data very easily, and your data will also be backed up as with other Whatsapp apps.

Is it possible to customize the theme of JTWhatsApp apk?

Yes, the Whatsapp theme can be customized according to your preferences.

Is JTWhatsApp apk illegal?

It is not illegal to use JTWhatsApp. On the other hand, you cannot download it from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, WhatsApp does not support it, so your account may be suspended.

The JTWhatsApp application is a modified version of WhatsApp. From the above information, now you may be aware of the difference between the original and mod versions. Overall, though it is an exclusive feature, it involves risks.

Is the JT WhatsApp apk safe and legal?

Yes. this app is generally safe to download, but there is always the chance it may contain malware or viruses, as it is common with Mod versions. 

In this case, we recommend scanning the JTWhatsApp with a virus scanner. Moreover, using an excellent genuine source to download Mod is the best way to prevent all these risks.

Additionally, you can find reviews and comments on MOD apps to determine whether they are safe. Clearly, someone had tried the app before and raised a red flag if there was any problem.

How do I Update to the most recent version?

It is very easy to keep the latest version of JTWhatsApp on your device. You just need to follow some simple steps, simply follow the instructions given by our website.

First off, head over to Jimods and download the most recent version of JT WhatsApp. Then open the downloaded .apk file and install it on your device. Once this is finished, you will have the latest version of JTWhatsApp installed on your device.

You can also update the application from within itself. Go to ‘Settings‘ in JTWhatsApp and select “Check for updates” If there is a new update available, you will be prompted to download it immediately.  

Wrapping up!

Getting this free JTWhatsApp apk download for Android phones is already a great experience. Also, this WhatsApp version of the download saves more data and storage than its original counterpart.

In addition to some advanced features, JTWhatsApp apk has been modified from the original WhatsApp to make it a very popular modified version.

Users can use this messaging app for free. You don’t have to pay anything to install this social platform. Overall, it enables people from all over the world to connect with each other.

Attention: As a matter of fact, we are not the official owners of JT Whatsapp, and also, we don’t claim to be involved in any of its activities. We have strictly adopted the procedure of providing information through online mediums, and we shall stick to it. No user shall take an unconscious decision before accessing the app. It is his own choice whether to avail of the app or not.